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The Six Wives of Henry VIII

Katherine Parr Biography

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2 February 2012

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'Kateryn the Quene KP' - Katherine Parr's signature Various Documents
The Badge of Katherine Parr Weidenfeld and Nicolson Archive
Katherine Parr NPG London
Katherine Parr (previously called Lady Jane Grey) NPG London
 A portrait once identified as Katherine Parr. Painted by an unknown artist. (This is now thought to be Catherine of Aragon and it will move when I re-do the galleries) At Lambeth Palace
 Wax figure of Katherine Parr At Madame Tussaud's, London; Photograph by Lara E. Eakins
 "Prayers and Meditations", one of the books authored by Katherine Parr and possibly in her own handwriting At Kendal Town Hall
 The tomb of Katherine Parr, St. Mary's Church, Sudeley Castle  Photograph by Lara E. Eakins
 Close-up of Katherine's tomb Photograph by Lara E. Eakins
Plaque next to the Queen's tomb Photograph by Lara E. Eakins
Stained glass window in St. Mary's Depicting Katherine Parr with her third husband, Henry VIII and her fourth husband, Thomas Seymour Photograph by Lara E. Eakins
Close-up of Katherine from the above picture Photograph by Lara E. Eakins