You have a Tudor Rose tattoo somewhere on your body

You are physically ill if you hear someone say: "You know Henry Tudor, the King with 8 wives that he killed because none of them gave him a son"

When someone mentions Mary Tudor, you ask "which one?"

While on vacation in England, you drive an hour out of your way to see where Katherine Parr is buried

Your favorite holiday is Christmas because you hear "Greensleeves" all the time. Although you have no idea why everyone keeps calling it "What Child is This?"

You scheduled your vacation such that you are at the Tower of London on the anniversary of the execution of Anne Boleyn

Your favorite episode of the American TV show "Frasier" is the one where he gets the last in his collection of "The Six Wives of Henry VIII" tea cups. (Unfortunately his brother drops Catherine of Aragon) and you were able to recognize that there were really portraits of the wives on the cups!

The first search you performed once you got access to the web, was "Tudor England"

You remember that one of Wednesday Addams' (of the show "The Addams Family") headless dolls was named "Anne Boleyn" [slight correction to this -- apparently it was Morticia that had a doll named Anne Boleyn... Wednesday either renamed the doll Marie Antoinette or had a different headless doll!]

You wear black and/or observe a moment of silence on the anniversaries of the deaths of your favorite Tudors and on the flip side, you celebrate the birthdays of your favorites. And you don't have to be reminded of the dates!

Some reader additions:

You are confused as to why the ghost of the knighted Englishman Nearly Headless Nick in the Harry Potter books would be wearing a ruff when he died in 1492.

You buy your four year old niece a special order Tudor Princess Barbie hoping to God she will call her Elizabeth and want to know more

You rent/own some really BAD movies, simply because there are Tudor-era characters in them.

Your parents send you to England as a college graduation present because you have discussed the Tudors to the point of making everyone think you better go or you will explode

When any movie pertaining to the Tudors is on television, every single one of your friends phones you to let you know about it--even those without a tv because they just KNOW you won't miss it.