The Tudors: Past and Present
By Alesha Polles

Have you ever had someone lecturing to you about how people didn't have telephones and computers in the sixteenth century? This is probably what they thought you were thinking:

King Ferdinand sending the second installment of Catherine of Aragon's dowry with and overnight delivery service.

Catherine of Aragon e-mailing Henry VIII to tell him she won't agree to the divorce, and she's sending her lawyer.

Henry VIII sitting in a La-Z-Boy, watching football, and yelling at Cromwell to behead Anne Boleyn.

Anne Boleyn sitting and watching soap operas with her ladies while imprisoned in the Tower of London.

A workman at Hampton Court spray-painting a phoenix, Jane Seymour's emblem, over a falcon, Anne Boleyn's emblem.

Henry VIII in his limo, telling his chauffeur to drive him to Rochester to meet Anne of Cleves.

Henry VIII ordering the captain of the "Mary Rose" to take his picture so he can send it as a postcard to Catherine Parr and his three children.

Henry VIII and Francis I using nuclear warfare at the siege of Boulogne.

Edward VI going to an ATM to get the pocket money his uncle Thomas Seymour sent.

The executioner who's carrying out the burning sentences Mary I ordered complaining he's out of lighter fluid.

The Spanish Armada coming up the English Channel complete with subs and satellite spy equipment.

Elizabeth I seeing Raleigh, who's going to America, off at Heathrow Airport.

Elizabeth I convincing Shakespeare to televise his plays. ("Live, from the Globe Theatre")

The second Earl of Essex being executed by lethal injection, on orders of Elizabeth I.