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Seven Will Out by JoAnn Spears - Sequel to Six of One: A Tudor Riff (Amazon link)

Six of One: A Tudor Riff by JoAnn Spears - The ultimate 'girls night in' ... with the six wives of Henry VIII. (Amazon link)

Short plays by Stephen Yellin

The Cub Becomes a Lion


The Prince and the Pretender

What do you know, Joan Bulmer?

Please contact Stephen for more information if you would like to stage these plays


The Play by Robert at With a Twist

Henry VIII Rocks and Rolls (YouTube link)

The True Tudor Rose
(Dawn O'Brien)

The Courtship of Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn
(Roland Hui)

The Secret Meeting Between Elizabeth I and Mary Queen of Scots
(Roland Hui)

Tudor Ghost Story Contest - Links to past winners

Tudor Haikus
(Kelly Rogers)

Tales from The Tudor Rose Bar
(Gareth Russell)

The Tudors: Past and Present
(Alesha Polles)

Two recently re-discovered masterpieces from Matt Groening the Elder.
They can be viewed HERE and HERE.
(photoshopping actually done by Lara Eakins)

Dear Harry - A companion piece to "Ask the Queen"
(Patricia Schuman)

Anglican Church Admits Error; Returns to Rome
(I Can't Believe It's Not the New York Times)

Ask The Queen: Some Sage Advice from Catherine of Aragon
(Austin American Statesman)

Limericks for Henry VIII and His Wives
(Marc Willcox)

You know you're a Tudor Fanatic when...
(Lara Eakins and others)

You know you're obsessed with Thomas More when...

These various pieces are the copyright of the individial authors or publications, as noted with each title.