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19 February 2012

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 The family of Henry VII and Elizabeth of York. All seven of their children are shown, including the three that died very young: Edmund, Elizabeth and Catherine  The Royal Collection
"The Dynasty Portrait" or "The Whitehall Mural" The original by Hans Holbein was destroyed in the fire at Whitehall. This copy was made by Remigius van Leemput in the 17th century. Left to right: Henry VIII, Henry VII, Elizabeth of York and Jane Seymour The Royal Collection; On display at Hampton Court Palace
The Family of Henry VIII c. 1545 Painted by an unknown artist. Oil on canvas, 141 x 355 cm
Left to Right: 'Mother Jak', The Lady Mary, Prince Edward, Henry VIII, Jane Seymour, The Lady Elizabeth and Wil Somers
The Royal Collection; On Display at Hampton Court Palace.
The Family of Henry VIII
Left to right: Philip and Mary with War, Henry VIII, Edward VI, Elizabeth I with Peace and Plenty
National Museum of Wales, on loan to Sudeley Castle
Sketch of Henry as a baby La Pensée Universitaire
 Bust said to be of Henry as a young child  The Royal Collection
 Coronation of Henry VIII and Catherine of Aragon Cambridge University Library
Henry VIII jousting while Catherine of Aragon looks on College of Arms
Henry VIII from about 1520. Painted by an unknown artist. Oil on panel. NPG London
 Henry's armor from his early twenties Royal Armouries, The Tower of London
Armor of Henry VIII from about 1515 Royal Armouries, The Tower of London

A miniature of Henry c. 1526, painted by Lucas Horenbout

Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge
A stained glass portrait of Henry In the chapel at The Vyne
Henry at approx. age 40. by Joos van Cleeve The Royal Collection