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Last update: 22 November 2015

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Battles and Rebellions

Ecclesiastical Title Holders

Government Title Holders

Important Dates in Calendar Order

Important Dates in Chronological Order

Kings and Queens of England and the United Kingdom from Edward the Confessor to Elizabeth II

Kings and Queens of Scotland to 1714

Nobility Title Holders

Other Monarchs and Leaders During the Tudor Period

Parliaments and Speakers of the House of Commons

Regnal Years for Tudor Monarchs

Timeline of Henry VIII's break with Rome


(Dates on titles and offices are for the time period that the position was held.)

Note: There are probably date errors on these pages. Over time, I have discovered that some of the dates in the resources I used to compile this list are different from those in other resources. Sometimes they are off by a few days, sometimes a few years. I am gradually correcting the mistakes as I find them. In some cases though, we'll probably never know what the correct date is. Here's a list of the main sources I'm using to update and expand these pages.